Shredded pork tacos Corn pancakes stuffed with chef's style shredded pork with homemade barbecue sauce. 10.60 Mostaza,soja, sulfitos
Baba Ganoush Roasted aubergine cream with a touch of powdered smoke, following the original recipe in the purest Arabian style. Served with pita bread and crudités. 11.95 Sésamo, sulfitos
CRAB PAN BAO Soft shell crab in tempura, tay salad and kimchi mayonnaise inside a very soft bun. 11.60 SOJA,SULFITOS,CRUSTÁCEOS,GLUTEN,SÉSAMO
TRIO Of AREPITAS Rich filling of shredded chicken and avocado inside a fried corn dough. 9.30 SOJA,,MOSTAZA,
Scallops Straight from the sea and in the shell with a delicate touch of garlic and parsley. 13.95 Moluscos
wagyu ham 18 months of dry aging. 31.90 Gluten
Ham with Crystal bread A typical Spanish dish. Served with glass bread and grated tomato. 23.65 Gluten
Lobster Hotdog Delicious brioche bread stuffed with succulent lobster meat accompanied by a ñoras and aromatic herbs mayonnaise. 21.50 Gluten,sulfitos,crustáceo
KEFTA IN PITA BREAD AND TZATZIKI Juicy minced lamb, with fresh tomato and a touch of coriander and mint, all wrapped in pita bread and complemented with creamy Greek yogurt and feta cheese for an explosion of flavors. 12.80 Gluten, lácteos,
padrón peppers Some spicy, some not. 9.90
Croquettes Tasty fried balls with a creamy chicken bechamel sauce and siracha mayonnaise. 12.95 Gluten ,Lactosa, Sulfitos , Huevo. PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS - Sriracha: chile maduro fermentado picante.
Calamari Andalusian style with lime mayonnaise. 17.40 Legumbres, Sulfito, Huevo, Lactosa, contaminación cruzada gluten
Spring Rolls Tempura stuffed with beef and vegetables. Served with our smoked sweet chili. 11.70 Gluten, Sulfitos. PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS - Sweet chili: salsa de chile dulce con un toque picante
Edamame Stir-fried soybean pods with Chinese sauce. 9.70 Soja, Sésamo, Gluten
Tuna Tartar Tuna cubes seasoned with ponzu sauce, a Japanese citrus and kimchi mayonnaise, a Korean sauce of Chinese cabbage fermented with chilli, garlic, ginger, salt and fish sauce, served with a creamy avocado sauce. 18.40 Pescado,Sésamo,Soja,Sulfitos. PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS - Ponzu: Salsa japonesa con sabor cítrico
Garlic Prawns Delicious shrimp cooked in oil with garlic and a touch of chili pepper. 18.60 Crustáceo,
Oysters Gillardeau. 5.80 u/d Crustáceo. PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS - Ponzu: Salsa japonesa con sabor cítrico
Tequeños Venezuela. That's where these little cheese-filled sticks come from, accompanied by a lime mayonnaise and sweet chili. 10.95 Gluten, Lactosa,Huevo
Artichoke benedictine flower Slow cooked braised with a smoky touch, pressed for crispness, topped with a poached egg and smothered with a succulent homemade Béarnaise sauce and crispy guanciale sticks. 10.50 Sulfito,huevo, lactosa,


Greek Salad Light and summery. Tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, kalamata olives are its main ingredients. 17.00 Lactosa, Sulfitos
Capresse Fresh burrata accompanied by a selection of tomatoes and dressed with our homemade vinaigrette made with basil, oil, pine nuts, parmesan and lime juice. 16.50 Lactosa, Frutos secos,
Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce as a base, with free-range chicken, parmesan, corn, guanciale, croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and pine nuts. 16.00 Lactosa, Huevo, Sulfitos, Gluten ,Frutos secos
Poke bowl Hawaiian origin salad made of rice, mango, cucumber, edamame, wakame a type of edible seaweed, kimchi which is a Korean sauce of Chinese cabbage fermented with chilli, garlic, ginger, salt and fish sauce accompanied by pickled onion. Chicken +3.50 | Tuna +4.90 | Salmon +3.50. 15.00 Sésamo, Soja, Pescado, Gluten ,Sulfitos, Huevo
Exotic salad Mezclum, cherrys, orange, avocado, red onion and pomegranate. Dressed with a sour orange vinaigrette. 16.40 Sulfitos,


Pesto Fresh linguine with succulent basil, pine nuts and parmesan cream. 18.90 Lactosa, frutos secos,gluten
AMATRICIANA Strips of guanciale sautéed with tomato sauce, garlic and candied cherries. 19.60 GLUTEN,
Seafood Fresh pasta sautéed with garlic oil, chili pepper, mussels, shrimps, clams in shell, squid and dried tomato. 22.90 Crustáceo, Moluscos, Pescado ,Gluten, Sulfitos


Prawn Stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, pak-choi, Chinese cabbage, snow peas, scallions, carrots, zucchini and red bell pepper and peanuts. 19.50 Soja, Gluten, Sésamo, Crustáceo, Pescado, Nueces
Chicken Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, pak-choi, Chinese cabbage, snow peas, spring onions, carrots, courgettes and red pepper and peanuts. 18.50 Soja, Gluten, Sésamo, Pescado, Nueces
Beef Stir-fried rice noodles with beef, pak-choi, Chinese cabbage, snow peas, spring onions, carrots, courgettes and red pepper and peanuts. 19.00 Soja, Gluten, Sésamo, Pescado, Nueces
Vegetable Stir-fried rice noodles with vegetables, pak-choi, Chinese cabbage, snow peas, spring onions, carrots, courgettes and red pepper and peanuts. 18.00 Soja, Gluten, Sésamo, Nueces


Margarita Tomato, fior di latte and basil. 13.80 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Bondi Beach Tomato, stracciatella, serrano ham 16.40 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Caprichosa Tomato, fior di latte, ham and mushrooms. 15.40 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
4 Cheese Fior di latte, gorgonzola, taleggio, & pecorino romano. 15.70 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Dimoni Tomato, fior di latte, spicy sobrasada and spicy espianata. 15.90 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Mediterranean Tomato, fior di latte, garlic prawns, capers, black olives and sundried tomatoes. 16.30 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
4 Seasons Tomato, fior di latte, mushrooms, peppers, artichoke, ham and black olives. 16.30 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Vegan Tomato, roasted red onion, roasted yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and artichokes. 13.90 Gluten, Frutos secos
Calzone Tomato, fior di latte, mushroom mix, truffle cream, pine nuts, parmesan cheese 16.90 Gluten, Frutos secos
Saporita (ENNIO) Tomato, fior di latte, cherry tomato, pork belly, Pecorino Romano cream 15.90 Gluten, Frutos secos
Norway Tomato, smoked salmon, cream cheese and arugula 16.90 Pescado, lácteos gluten


Mixed Blind Paella Rice with cuttlefish, peeled shrimp, mussels and chicken, cooked with fish and seafood broth. 24.50 Crustáceo, Pescado, Sulfitos, Moluscos
Fish & Seafood Paellla Rice with shrimps, mussels and cuttlefish cooked in fish and seafood broth. 25.50 Crustáceo, Pescado, Sulfitos, Moluscos
Mix Paella Rice with cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels and chicken cooked with fish and seafood broth. 20.50 Crustáceo, Pescado, Sulfitos, Moluscos
Lobster Paella Rice with cuttlefish with a fish and lobster base. 35.00 Crustáceo, Pescado, Sulfitos, Moluscos
Black Paella Rice with cuttlefish, padron peppers, Andalusian squid, squid ink cooked in fish and seafood broth. 20.00 Crustáceo, Pescado, Sulfitos, Moluscos,
Valencian Paella Rice with a vegetable base of chicken, garrafo, flat beans and a touch of rosemary cooked with chicken broth. 22.50 Crustáceo, Sulfitos, Legumbres
Vegetable Paella Rice with a vegetable stock cooked with vegetable broth. 20.50 Crustáceo, Sulfitos, Legumbres
Lobster Stew Rice and lobster sautéed in a light seafood stock 35.00 crustáceo,pescado,sulfitos,moluscos
FISH AND MUSSELS STEW Rice with a selection of seafood and fish sautéed in seafood and fish broth. 22.60 Crustáceo,pescados,sulfitos,moluscos
Langosta Stew Chopped langosta cooked in a rich tomato-based stew with chopped almonds and parsley. M/P Pescados,sulfitos crustáceos,frutos secos
Lobster CALDERETA Chopped lobster cooked in a rich tomato-based stew with chopped almonds and parsley. 39.00 Pescados,sulfitos crustáceos,frutos secos
Octopus Risotto Creamy carnaroli rice with a touch of saffron and grilled octopus leg. 23.00 Lacteos,sulfitos,pescados,moluscos,crustáceos


Entrecote Surf & Turf 300gr of beef and shrimp, accompanied by potato and seasonal vegetables. 31.95 Crustáceo, Sulfitos, Lactosa
Entrecote deluxe 300 g of beef with half a grilled lobster glazed with saffron all i oli, potato and seasonal vegetables. 42.00 Crustáceos, Sulfitos, Lactosa
Filet Steak (250gr) Served with potato millefeuille. 28.50 sulfitos, Lactosa
Entrecote steak (300gr) Served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes. 24.00 sulfitos, Lactosa
Grilled lamb chops Served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes. 25.00 sulfitos, Lactosa
Grilled chicken breast Served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. 17.00 Sulfitos, Frutos secos, Crustáceo, Lactosa
Grilled chicken skewer Our griller creates the most delicious skewers (chicken, peppers and chimichurri sauce) the perfect combination. Served with potatoes and sautéed vegetables. 20.95 Sulfitos, Frutos secos, Crustáceo, Lactosa
Bondi Burger Brioche, meat, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce sprouts and served with homemade french fries. Pleasures of life. 18.50 Gluten,Lactosa
JUAN's Burger House speciality! succulent matured beef covered with cheddar cheese and served with tomato, onion and lettuce. 25.00 Gluten

Chef's Selection


Battered Cod A real classic. Fish and potatoes with mashed peas and tartar sauce. 24.00 Pescado, Sulfitos, Gluten, Huevo, Lactosa
Sea Bass Ceviche Traditional. Corvina marinated with citrus accompanied by red onion, corn, leche de tigre and sweet potato. 22.00 Pescado, Sulfito, PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS: Leche de tigre : Es el jugo que queda después de aderezar un ceviche (jugo de pescado, cebolla morada, limón...)
Grilled Prawns Grilled with a touch of coarse salt. 27.35 Crustáceo
GRILLED SEA BASS Accompanied by sautéed green vegetables and to complement a green curry as the main ingredient. 31.35 Pescado,sulfito,sésamo,lactosa,soja
GRILLED SOLE Delicious and crispy skin and accompanied by roasted potatoes with asparagus and Béarnaise sauce. 33.60 Pescado,lactosa,huevo,sulfito
Stuffed Calamari Stuffed with raisins, pine nuts and minced pork and accompanied by artichoke hearts, asparagus and snow peas. 24.00 Sulfito,fruto seco,molusco,pescado
Grilled lobster Grilled with saffron all i oli. 55.00 Crustáceo
ANDALUZA Calamari Burger Squid ink bread with saffron aioli, tomato and arugula slices and Andalusian calamari. 16.80 Gluten,lácteos,huevo,molusco,sésamo,sulfito
Prawn Curry Bondi style with lemongrass sauce, kafir lime, granny smith apple, coconut milk, prawns and vegetables served with white basmati rice. 20.20 Lactosa , Sésamo, Sulfitos,crustáceo


Black Angus Short Rib Steamed for 18 hours and bathed in a succulent sweet and sour red wine sauce accompanied by sweet potato puree. 40.50 soja,sulfito,apio,mostaza lactosa
SHOULDER OF LAMB Marinated in ras el hanout and slow-cooked confit accompanied with Moorish rice. 42.50 Frutos secos,sulfito,lactosa,soja,apio,mostaza
FREE RANGE CHICKEN BREAST SATAY Vacuum cooked and marinated with satay sauce served with rice and vegetables. 25.00 Cacahuete,frutos secos,soja,lactosa
Barbecue Ribs Duroc pork. Slow cooked, glazed with homemade barbecue sauce and served with fried sweet potato fries. 21.45 Sulfitos, Gluten, Mostaza
Deluxe Burger Delicious matured beef topped with grilled lobster 42.00 Crustáceo,gluten,
Chicken Curry Bondi style with lemongrass sauce, kafir lime, granny smith apple, coconut milk, chicken and vegetables served with white basmati rice. 19.70 Lactosa , Sésamo, Sulfitos


Vegetable Curry Bondi style with lemongrass sauce, kafir lime, granny smith apple, coconut milk, prawns and vegetables served with white basmati rice. 20.20 Lactosa , Sésamo, Sulfitos,crustáceo


Pepper Sauce Made with beef broth with flambéed green pepper and cream. 3.50 Sulfitos, lactosa.
Mushroom Sauce With sautéed onion, mixed mushrooms and cream. 3.50 Lactosa, Sulfitos
BBQ Sauce Ketchup, dijon mustard, soy, honey and a touch of black pepper. 3.50 Mostaza, Soja, Sulfitos
Sweet Chilli Sauce With a touch of lemon grass, fresh ginger and smoked. 3.20 Sulfitos
Saffron all i oli Chef style. 3.20 Huevo, Lactosa.


Potato Mille-Feuille Confit thin-cut potatoes. 4.10 Sulfitos
Sweet Potato Puree Roasted chef's secret recipe. 4.30 Lactosa
Grilled Vegetables Assorted vegetables. 4.70 Soja, Sésamo
Bean sprouts Sauteed with soy sauce and sesame. 4.10 Soja, Sésamo
Mac & Cheese No description needed, just try it. 6.50 Lactosa, sulfitos
Sweet potato fries Deluxe Accompanied by truffle mayonnaise and grated Parmesan cheese. 5.60 CONTAMINACIÓN CRUZADA GLUTEN
Rice 4.00


Margarita Pizza 8.00 Gluten, Lactosa, Frutos secos
Chicken goujons & chips 8.00 Gluten, Sulfitos
Butter pasta 7.00
Pasta with tomato sauce 7.50 Gluten
Pasta bolognese 8.50 Gluten, LACTOSA
Kids Burger 8.00 Gluten, Sulfitos


Royal Passion Fruit Passion fruit mousse, coconut foam and mint granita. 7.40 Huevo, Lactosa, PRODUCTOS EXÓTICOS - Maracuyá: Fruta tropical de un sabor poco ácido y con aroma.
Chocolate Tequeños Delicious sticks filled with chocolate. 8.80 GLUTEN, LACTOSA, FRUTOS SECOS
Mango panacotta and crunchy granola Creamy and with a different touch. 7.10 Lactosa, frutos secos,Gluten
Brownie Chocolate with vanilla ice cream and cookie crumble. 7.10 Frutos secos, Gluten, Lactosa, Huevo
Lemon Pie With mint ice cream. 7.10 Lactosa, Gluten, Frutos secos,huevo
Cheesecake Traditional with red fruit ice cream. 7.10 Lactosa, Gluten , Frutos secos, huevo
Bondi TIRAMISU A Bondi Beach version of the typical tiramisu. 8.80 LACTEOS, HUEVOS, GLUTEN, ALCOHOL
Chocolate tequeños 8.80
Ice Cream Scoop Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio. 2.30 /ud Lactosa
Sorbets Tangerine, strawberry, yuzu. 2.30 /ud Lactosa