Shredded pork tacos Corn pancakes stuffed with chef's style shredded pork with homemade barbecue sauce. 10.60
Baba Ganoush Roasted aubergine cream with a touch of powdered smoke, following the original recipe in the purest Arabian style. Served with pita bread and crudités. 11.95
CRAB PAN BAO Soft shell crab in tempura, tay salad and kimchi mayonnaise inside a very soft bun. 11.60
TRIO Of AREPITAS Rich filling of shredded chicken and avocado inside a fried corn dough. 9.30
Scallops Straight from the sea and in the shell with a delicate touch of garlic and parsley. 13.95
wagyu ham 18 months of dry aging. 31.90
Ham with Crystal bread A typical Spanish dish. Served with glass bread and grated tomato. 23.65
Lobster Hotdog Delicious brioche bread stuffed with succulent lobster meat accompanied by a ñoras and aromatic herbs mayonnaise. 21.50
KEFTA IN PITA BREAD AND TZATZIKI Juicy minced lamb, with fresh tomato and a touch of coriander and mint, all wrapped in pita bread and complemented with creamy Greek yogurt and feta cheese for an explosion of flavors. 12.80
padrón peppers Some spicy, some not. 9.90
Croquettes Tasty fried balls with a creamy chicken bechamel sauce and siracha mayonnaise. 12.95
Calamari Andalusian style with lime mayonnaise. 17.40
Spring Rolls Tempura stuffed with beef and vegetables. Served with our smoked sweet chili. 11.70
Edamame Stir-fried soybean pods with Chinese sauce. 9.70
Tuna Tartar Tuna cubes seasoned with ponzu sauce, a Japanese citrus and kimchi mayonnaise, a Korean sauce of Chinese cabbage fermented with chilli, garlic, ginger, salt and fish sauce, served with a creamy avocado sauce. 18.40
Garlic Prawns Delicious shrimp cooked in oil with garlic and a touch of chili pepper. 18.60
Oysters Gillardeau. 5.80 u/d
Tequeños Venezuela. That's where these little cheese-filled sticks come from, accompanied by a lime mayonnaise and sweet chili. 10.95
Artichoke benedictine flower Slow cooked braised with a smoky touch, pressed for crispness, topped with a poached egg and smothered with a succulent homemade Béarnaise sauce and crispy guanciale sticks. 10.50

For allergies, please see our special allergies menu.
Prices are inclusive of IVA.